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This document, previously titled the Journal Manual, was first written as a practical guide for transcribers and editors of Thoreau's manuscript Journal, and its primary purpose remains the articulation of editorial principles, procedures, and guidelines for the Journal. Much of the information about transcription and editorial decisions, however, is also applicable to work on those portions of Thoreau's correspondence and other writings that exist in manuscript, and the descriptions of proofreading and aspects of production apply to all volumes in The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau.

These pages include instructions for reading Thoreau's handwriting, creating facsimile transcripts in electronic form, resolving textual cruxes, making emendations, setting up editorial apparatus, preparing text to be set in page proofs, and proofreading. This guide is divided into five parts. Part 1 articulates the principles by which the Journal is edited. Part 2 describes the procedures involved in producing each volume of the Journal. Part 3 presents two samples which illustrate transcription, editorial work, and production. Part 4 is a glossary of terms and features which transcribers and editors are likely to come across in their work; words that are printed entirely in capital letters in this manual have corresponding entries in Part 4. The last section contains a series of appendices which give detailed instructions on how to perform some of the tasks discussed in earlier sections of this manual.

Part 1: Principles

Part 2: Procedures

Part 3: Samples

Part 4: Guidelines

Appendix A: Manuscript Locations

Appendix B: Proofreading

Appendix C: Thoreau Edition Style

Appendix D: Keeping Track of Work

Appendix E: Changing Page and Line Numbers in the Apparatus

Appendix F: Coding for PUP

Appendix G: Guidelines for Annotation Research

Appendix H: Short Titles

Appendix I: Compound Word List

Appendix J: Making an Index

Appendix K: Back Matter Review

Appendix L: Instructions for Proofing and Reviewing the Index of MS Volume(s) (Thoreau's Index)

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