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During his lifetime Thoreau published two books, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers and Walden, a number of essays and poems, and a few translations. Selections from his Journal were published first in four seasonal volumes prepared by H. G. O. Blake: Early Spring in Massachusetts (1881), Summer (1884), Winter (1888), and Autumn (1892). In 1906 Houghton Mifflin published a fourteen-volume edition that lacks the contents of several manuscript volumes discovered later and omits parts of many entries. For a complete bibliography of first publications, including poems, collections of essays and letters, and the Journal, see Raymond Borst's Henry David Thoreau: A Bibliography (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1982).

The following list includes publications of books and essays over which Thoreau had some authorial control: material published during his lifetime, chapters of works in progress published during his lifetime and collected after his death, and writings that he prepared for publication that were published after his death.

Books Published during Thoreau's Lifetime

A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. Boston: James Munroe and Company, 1849.

Walden; or, Life in the Woods. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1854.
Posthumously Published Books
Excursions. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1863.

The Maine Woods. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1864.

Cape Cod. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1865.

A Yankee in Canada, with Anti-Slavery and Reform Papers. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1866.
Essays and Works in Progress Published during Thoreau's Lifetime
"Aulus Persius Flaccus." The Dial 1 (July 1840): 117-121.

"Natural History of Massachusetts." The Dial 3 (July 1842): 19-40.

"Homer, Ossian, Chaucer." The Dial 4 (January 1843): 290-305.

"A Walk to Wachusett." The Boston Miscellany 3 (January 1843): 31-36.

"Dark Ages." The Dial 3 (April 1843): 527-529.

"A Winter Walk." The Dial 4 (October 1843): 211-226.

"The Landlord." The United States Magazine and Democratic Review 13 (October 1843): 427-430.

"Herald of Freedom." The Dial 4 (April 1844): 507-512.

"Thomas Carlyle and His Works." Graham's Magazine, serialized in two installments: 30 (March 1847): 145-152; 30 (April 1847): 238-245.

"Ktaadn and the Maine Woods." Sartain's Union Magazine, serialized in five installments: "The Wilds of the Penobscot." 3 (July 1848): 29-33; "Life in the Wilderness." 3 (August 1848): 73-79; "Boating in the Lakes." 3 (September 1848), 132-137; "The Ascent of Ktaadn," 3 (October 1848): 177-182; "The Return Journey." 3 (November 1848): 216-220.

"Resistance to Civil Government" (1849) / "Civil Disobedience" (1866) Aesthetic Papers (May 1849): 189-211.

"The Iron Horse." [section from yet unpublished Walden] Sartain's Union Magazine 11 (July 1852): 66-68.

"A Poet Buying a Farm." [section from yet unpublished Walden] Sartain's Union Magazine 11 (August 1852): 127.

"An Excursion to Canada." Putnam's Magazine, serialized in three installments: 1 (January 1853): 54-59; 1 (February 1853): 179-184; 1 (March 1853): 321-329.

"A Massachusetts Hermit." [six selections from Walden in advance of publication] New York Daily Tribune (29 July 1854). [Revised July 2017]

"Slavery in Massachusetts." The Liberator 24 (21 July 1854).

Cape Cod (incomplete), Putnam's Magazine, serialized in four installments: "The Shipwreck." 5 (June 1855): 632-637; "Stage Coach Views." 5 (June 1855): 637-640; "The Plains of Nanset [sic]." 6 (July 1855): 59-66; "The Beach." 6 (August 1855): 157-164.

"Chesuncook." The Atlantic Monthly, serialized in three installments: 2 (June 1858): 1-12; 2 (July 1858): 224-233; 2 (August 1858): 305-317.

"The Last Days of John Brown." The Liberator 30 (27 July 1860).

"A Plea for Captain John Brown." Included in Echoes of Harpers Ferry, edited by James Redpath. Boston: Thayer and Eldridge, 1860: 17-42.

"Martyrdom of John Brown." Echoes of Harpers Ferry: 439-445.

"An Address on the Succession of Forest Trees." Transactions of the Middlesex Agricultural Society for the Year 1860.
Posthumously Published Essays
"Walking." The Atlantic Monthly 9 (June 1862): 657-674.

"Autumnal Tints." The Atlantic Monthly 10 (October 1862): 385-402.

"Wild Apples." The Atlantic Monthly 10 (November 1862): 513-526.

"Life Without Principle." The Atlantic Monthly 12 (October 1863): 484-495.

"Night and Moonlight." The Atlantic Monthly 12 (November 1863): 579-583.

"The Wellfleet Oysterman." The Atlantic Monthly 14 (October 1864): 470-478.

"The Highland Light." The Atlantic Monthly 14 (December 1864): 649-659.

"The Service." Edited by F. B. Sanborn. Boston: Charles E. Goodspeed, 1902.
Miscellaneous Writings
"DIED...Miss Anna Jones." [obituary] The Yeoman's Gazette 22 (25 November 1837).

"Paradise (To Be) Regained." [book review] The United States Magazine and Democratic Review 13 (November 1843): 451-463.

"Wendell Phillips before the Concord Lyceum." [letter to the editor] The Liberator 15 (28 March 1845).