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Our site offers a number of resources for research. If you are collecting information for a school assignment, we recommend that you begin with the various pages in the About Thoreau section of this site, especially Frequently Asked Questions (Thoreau FAQ), The Life and Times of Henry D. Thoreau, and Reflections on Walden. Information at Further Reading, and Other Useful Sites may also be helpful. We also suggest The Thoreau Reader and The American Transcendentalism Web.

Resources for quotations are the electronic versions of Thoreau's writings at the Thoreau's Life & Writings page of the Thoreau Institute Web-site, and Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. Using Google to search for parts of the quotation can also be successful, especially if you enter as a search term part of the quotation containing unusual words or characteristic phrasing, and surround the phrase with quotation marks (for example, "three for society"). You may have to try several versions of the phrase. A good print source for quotations is "Simplify, Simplify" and Other Quotations from Henry David Thoreau, edited by Kevin Van Anglen (New York: Columbia University Press, 1996).

If you have an old edition of a book by or about Thoreau and you want to know how much it's worth, you should be aware that only qualified dealers can offer reliable estimates of value. We recommend that you go to the database at the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America Web site, where you can search by state for a qualified dealer.

Additions and Revisions to Thoreau Edition Volumes adds to information and corrects errors in the volumes that are in print.

Essays about Thoreau presents new material that goes beyond the contents of Thoreau Edition volumes.

Other Useful Sites provides links to sites about Thoreau, Concord, environmentalism, natural history, nature writing, other Transcendentalists, nineteenth-century American literature, and scholarly editions and textual editing.